6 Goodluck Flowers For Your Office And Home


Honestly, a person’s success in practically every part of their lives is determined by some criteria. Hard effort and perseverance are essential traits for success in your personal and professional life. But who doesn’t like a little bit of good fortune? Without a doubt, luck plays a significant influence in developing a person’s route to success. So, what if we could somehow get the goddesses of luck to pay attention to us and bestow us with their blessings?

Yes, as practitioners of Feng Shui, an ancient Chinese pseudoscience, and many other civilizations, including Indian traditions, believe, there is a way!

So, let’s have a detailed look at some of the plants that might assist us in gaining the favor of the goddesses of luck in our personal and professional lives.


Orchids are a popular indoor plant that represents good fortune. These plants are said to provide success in all parts of a person’s life, including prosperity, spirituality, and beauty. This plant is often recognized in feng shui as a sign of fertility. Perfection, numerous families and legacy, and happiness are all symbols of the flower. This plant may be cultivated in your home and business to provide you with luck and charm. According to ancient Chinese pseudoscience, if orchids face north, they will thrive your business, bringing you financial prosperity. If they are placed facing southwest, they will bring couples desire. Send flowers online to your colleagues and friends and wish them good luck and prosperity. 


Feng shui considers the lotus to be an important element. This mesmerizingly gorgeous plant is held in high regard as a bringer of good fortune. This flower, also a nice décor to cultivate in houses, depicts absolute perfection. In terms of purity, it is unaffected by the mud from which it is made.

These plants offer a wide range of therapeutic characteristics in Chinese medicine, from the beautiful petals to the lengthy, branching roots. As a result, it has become a feng shui symbol for good health and wealth in households.

Peace lily

This plant is a true gem with its beautiful ivory blossoms and glossy foliage. The peace lily is a flower that represents wealth and peace. The peace lily is a highly promising plant in Chinese folklore. If the owner/planter takes good care of their plant, it is said that they would be blessed with unfathomable quantities of luck. According to NASA research, these plants also aid in alleviating asthma and other ailments by purifying the air. A peace lily is frequently seen as a sign of a soul’s rebirth, in which it transcends the complexities of life.


Rosemary is high in anti-inflammatory and antioxidant chemicals, which help people’s immune systems. Rosemary has been found in studies to neutralize free radicals, which are thought to be hazardous to humans. For a long time, the Europeans regarded rosemary as a symbol of good fortune and protection. Planting rosemary outside the house gives good luck and protects the house from evil spirits by Feng Shui. Also, rosemary provides tranquility to both the living and the dead. 


The peony plant symbolizes wealth, success, and good fortune. It was named after Paeon, a Greek god’s healer according to legend. This plant is frequently presented as a gift to newlywed couples as a sign of happiness and romance in their marriage. Peonies are a traditional floral emblem in China. In reality, the term Peony comes from the Chinese word mudan, which means “monarch of flowers.” The Peony, also known as fuguihua, which means “flower of riches and honour,” has brought success and happiness to many people’s lives. They can also be grown in Indian homes and offices.


This flower is associated with love. It also extols the virtues of beauty and sensuality. 

It is a sign of appreciation and good fortune in various cultures. Because of a long-remembered narrative of a gardener who planted nothing but Jasmine as a proposal gift to his girlfriend, who would later become his wife, putting jasmine flowers in the wedding bouquet is necessary for Tuscan custom.

The jasmine blossom is a flower planted in homes for happiness and happy love life. Buds from the flower are used to cure eye and skin ailments. Warmth and sensuality are also conveyed. Nowadays, one can easily order flowers online and bring prosperity and charm into their life.