After suffering a broken nose, C. Ronaldo is still putting forth a lot of effort, according to Vn88


After CR7 suffered a severe injury during the game between Portugal and the Czech Republic, Cristiano Ronaldo still walked to the training field with a wound on his face and a damaged eye. This was despite the fact that CR7’s eye was black and blue.

After being involved in a collision with Czech Republic goalie Tomas Vaclik during Portugal’s encounter against the Czech Republic in Group A2 of the UEFA Nations League, Vn88 stated that Cristiano Ronaldo had a broken nose and heavy bleeding as a result of the collision.

During their struggle for possession of the ball in the air, CR7 was struck in the face by the arm of the Olympiakos goalie. This caused him to fall to the ground and require assistance from the medical staff.

After that, the striker, who was 37 years old at the time, was able to continue playing while wearing a patch on the wing of his nose. He continued to play until the end of the game. C. Ronaldo was unable to score for the Portuguese team in this match, and he also caused the host team to be assessed a penalty; however, Patrik Schick was unable to convert the penalty shot. The Portuguese team went on to win the match with a score of 4-0. on the eleven minute mark.

Following this victory, Portugal will compete against Spain in the UEFA Nations League’s Group A2 competition (01:45 on September 28). According to Vn88, Cristiano Ronaldo still went out to practice with the rest of the team despite his injury and was anticipated to start for the home team in their penultimate match before the 2022 World Cup.

To maintain their lead in the group and ensure their spot in the finals of the Nations League, the Portuguese side must avoid suffering a loss. This is the competition that the Portuguese team won in 2019, and Vn88 anticipates that they will continue to successfully defend their reign by winning other competitions.

Following the conclusion of the UEFA Nations League, C. Ronaldo has set his sights on winning the World Cup with the rest of his teammates in 2022. The team coached by Fernando Santos is in a group featuring opponents such as Ghana, Uruguay, and South Korea. The group is considered to be reasonably easy.