Best Ways to Enhance the Flavour

Elf bars disposable
Elf bars disposable

From Your E-Juice When Vaping?

There are different sorts of people with their different lists of likes and dislikes. Some like to produce more clouds, some are interested in a throat hit, and some want to have a good flavour from their vapours. Each vape user has a different preference. Advanced vape kits are made to satisfy the needs of all these people.

Vaping is a better and safer experience than smoking. The health hazards caused by smoking can be prominently prevented through vaping. Thus, vapes are a much better choice for smokers. It will lead you to a healthier lifestyle. Disposable vapes like Elf bars disposable  and Geek bars disposable are also simpler and easier than burning cigarettes.

In this blog, we will highlight some of the ways by which you can enhance the flavour of your vapours. If you are a flavour chaser, this blog will help you achieve your goal hopefully.

Control The Wattage and Temperature:

The temperature at which the e-liquid is heated greatly affects the quality of vape flavour. Different vape flavours give the best taste at different temperatures. The wattage at which the coil is heated should be adjusted to the point where you get the best flavour.

Variable wattage devices are the best choice for getting maximum flavour out of their vape liquid. Temperature control devices are helpful for flavour chasers. Some flavours give the best taste when heated at lower temperatures, but some require higher temperatures for optimum flavour.

It would help if you explore it by starting from lower wattages and increasing it gradually. You will find a point where you get the best flavour and good quality vapours.

Control The Airflow in Atomizer:

Airflow plays an essential role in creating the amount of clouds and giving flavour. More airflow produces cooler vapours and bigger clouds, but it reduces flavour. If you decrease the airflow, you can get more flavour with warmer vapours and lesser clouds, but it will enhance the flavour of your vapours.

It is important to find a balance between the amount of clouds, vapour density and flavour. If you reduce airflow too much to enhance the flavour, it will decrease vapour production, give more throat hit and the vapours might be too hot. Most people choose sub-ohm coils as they have better airflow and produce good quality flavour and vapours.

High PG Ratio:

If you want to get more taste of flavour from your vapours, you should try an e-juice with more PG ratio in it. Since PG(Propylene Glycol) is the base that absorbs flavour and nicotine, a more PG ratio means more flavour is absorbed in that e-liquid.

Usually, a 50/50% PG/VG ratio is used to give a balanced amount of clouds and flavour. But if you want more throat hit along with a better flavour, you might try e-liquids with more percentage of PG. You can explore different options before you settle on one.

Choose a Good Atomizer:

Coil and wick also play an essential role in enhancing the quality of vapours and flavour. A good quality wick is necessary to get a good flavour. Mostly, cotton wicks are used. There are different quality wicks available. Using low-quality wicks can decrease the quality of your vapours and flavour.

Coil quality and material also greatly affects the heating process. Some coils require more temperature to heat up and start producing vapours. This way, the temperature factor is involved. You should choose a coil according to the flavour and PG/VG ratio used in your e-liquid. Disposable vapes have a variety of coils, and you can find one that fits your e-liquid composition. You do not have to find a suitable coil for your e-liquid as it is already adjusted in disposable vapes.

Maintenance and Cleaning of Vape Tank:

Keeping your vape tank clean also increases the quality of vape flavour. Disposable vapes like Elux Legend 3500 Puffs do not require much maintenance. But reusable vape kits have removable tanks, keeping them clean might play a significant role in enhancing the flavour of vapours.

When you feel like the flavour is not up to the standard anymore, you should try changing the coil. When the coil is used for a long while, it may start giving a burnt taste which is unpleasant to the taste buds. The vape tank should be cleaned occasionally as it helps in maintaining high-quality flavour.

Vape devices are available in two forms: Disposable vapes and Rechargeable or Reusable vapes. Both kinds of vape devices have various coils, e-liquid compositions, coil and wick materials and batteries.

You can choose whichever suits your preference. You can find the optimum vape kit after trying a few, but it’s worth trying as it has many advantages over smoking.