How to Know When You Need a Chiropractor


Consulting a chiropractor for slip and fall injuries and bad posture issues is an effective way to deal with acute or chronic pain. A chiropractor is a healthcare professional who uses the body’s natural ability to heal by using various massages and spine manipulation techniques to heal the body. 

It often happens that we experience neck, shoulder, or back pain as a result of bad posture, bad footwear choices, slip and fall injuries, etc. If untreated, they can become a severe problem later. It is important to see a chiropractor if we experience any of the following warning signs. 

1.Lower Back Pain

Lower back pain is common these days due to bad posture and improper bending/ lifting techniques. It is also common due to slip and fall injuries. Depending upon the situation, lower back pain can limit your mobility. 

In such a situation, seeking professional assistance from a chiropractor can help the affected individuals to heal on their own through a combination of various massages and spine manipulation techniques. 

2. Muscle/Joint Pain

Every muscle or joint pain that you experience can be due to a poorly aligned spine. Poorly aligned spine if persisted can lead to displaced discs which can further put pressure on surrounding muscles and ligaments. This can result in pain in response to muscle spasm, limitation in mobility, loss of flexibility, etc. 

Similarly, joint pain can also occur due to untreated spinal misalignment which can result in sore, stiff, and painful joints. Seeking professional help from a chiropractor can help you treat the underlying issue and manage the pain. He’ll use spinal manipulation to relieve pain by increasing the blood flow and nerve conduction to the affected area 

3. Long-standing Neck/Shoulder Pain

The technological advancement has led to our dependency for work on digital gadgets. Sitting for long durations on a chair  and fixing your eyes on a screen can be damaging for your health. Not only will your eyes be affected but also spine issues occur due to bad posture. 

If you are facing any long-standing neck or shoulder pain, it’s time to see a chiropractor for treatment. At times, poor posture puts unwanted pressure on the spine and leads to herniated or slipped discs. A chiropractor can help you in either case to relieve pain. 

4. Limitations in Mobility

If you observe limitations in movement of your limbs, it’s a warning sign that you need to see a chiropractor. Always keep a check on your limb’s range of motion to know if there is a limitation. Seeing a chiropractor in time can help you recover the lost function entirely. 
In addition, if you have encountered an accident, take it seriously. Accidents result in injuries that can become problematic if not treated right away. Many chiropractors specialise in car accident injuries and can help you diagnose and treat the underlying problem. A chiropractic care will realign your joints and muscles to increase the optimal range of motion.