5 Wonderful Contemporary Fireplace Screens to Consider


Relaxing in front of a cheery fire that warms the room perfectly is something often seen in historic films. Amazingly, fireplaces remain in vogue to date despite technology taking a firm hold on the lives of citizens. The fire within the hearth may be ignited with fuel, gas, or electricity. Whatever may be your choice, it is advisable to invest in one of the best contemporary fireplace screens available today. Why spend an additional amount on keeping the room snug and comfortable is the usual refrain.

Well, the first reason that leaps to mind is the safety associated with the screen. Indeed, placing the screen properly will prevent the sparks to fly out inside the room and burn the pricey rugs or furnishings. Sure, there are hundreds of fireplace screens available at present. You are welcome to opt for a wrought iron or one that is crafted out of brass, steel, or any other material. The range is enormous. Remember, that having the right screen positioned in front of the fireplace can add to the aesthetic effect of your room too.

Here are a few considerations worth a look at. Check them out before ordering the fireplace screen:

  1. 1 Sgi Series Spark Guards– You cannot overlook the importance of this particular product. Manufactured to provide safety for the users, it keeps the flying sparks and burning embers out of the main room. The net mesh shields the fireplace effectively with no jagged ends to cause injury.

  2. Abington Screen– This is one of the most modern screens that will delight you. Available in multiple styles, it covers the front of the fireplace most beautifully, lending a charming effect to your interiors. With a distressed bronze finish and intricate scrollwork, this product is bound to capture attention every single time.

  3. Arden Summer Screen– This is certainly one of the most modern screens in vogue right now. You will be convinced of making the investment when the sleek and sophisticated screen is added to guard your hearth. Another surprising fact is that it comes without any kind of mesh and is deemed perfect for gas fireplaces. However, you are welcome to use it to keep out the flames leaping from a conventional wood fireplace too, especially during the hot & humid summer months.

  4. Basket Weave– A bow-like screen will delight the eye and enliven your interiors when you have the basketweave recreated perfectly in metal. The wide iron feet of the screen keep it away from the floor making it easier for you to move it when you feel the need to clean out the hearth. Another pleasing fact is that this screen includes a lifetime warranty making you favor it over other products.

  5. Napa Forge Contemporary Flat Screen– If you happen to be a house-proud individual then you would not be able to bypass this magnificent screen that is aesthetically unique and a treat to the eyes. With distinctive touches and hand-forged design, this one is a must-have for all Americans.

You are going to be spoilt for choice when you check out the enormous range of contemporary fireplace screens. Make a wise choice and enjoy long-lasting benefits.