Imagine yourself working in a 9 to 5 job with deadlines to meet everyday and holidays only on weekends. You must be staying busy all the time in your daily routine. When you need financial assistance for a requirement such as a wedding, medical emergency, home renovation, travel, or education, you look for a personal loan but you can’t get it. Not because you don’t meet the eligibility criteria or you don’t have a good credit score, but because you don’t have time to wander from one lender to the other searching about various loan offers with lucrative deals.

Now, how can you meet your financial needs? A huge problem, isn’t it? Well, you are not alone with such difficulties. A majority of people are familiar with such a situation. Thus, they have an online personal loan option rather than opting for the older loan process. However, before you apply for an instant personal loan, let’s understand what the benefits of applying for personal loans online from Lendforall. But before that, let’s get more information about what instant personal loans are.


Earlier, the application process for personal loans used to be tiring and time-consuming. But with the introduction of the internet in the loan lending process, things began to change drastically. Simply put, instant personal loans have become an easy possibility now with lenders like Clix Capital. Furthermore, it paved the way for money lending through apps, which facilitate instant loan processing and fast loan disbursal.

However, instant access to funds and quick loan processing are not the only benefits of applying for instant personal loans online. There are numerous other benefits that make them unique. Here you will come to know about a few of them.


Here are the top 6 advantages you get by applying for a personal loan online:

  1. Get What You Want: With online personal loan application facilities, you can borrow a loan amount of ₹ 1 to 25 lakhs from Clix Capital. Different lenders have varying loan limits. You can choose your loan amount as per your requirements. Whether you want a personal loan for a wedding, medical emergency, education, travel, used car purchase, home renovation, or any other personal purpose, you get your desired loan amount in a few simple steps.
  1. Borrower First: The primary focus of online personal loans is to put the borrower at the forefront. Digital lending platforms allow borrowers to apply for a personal loan at their leisure. For example, if an applicant wants to apply for a personal loan on a Sunday, he/she can do it with ease.

    If you are traveling and have a smartphone, you can simply visit the lender’s website or open the app and apply for your loan. In short, the entire loan application procedure can be carried out without interrupting your daily routine. You can also have access to your loan amount within 15 minutes*.
  1. Free Access to Useful Tools: Online lenders give you access to a variety of useful tools that you can use to finalize your decision. These include a personal loan EMI calculator, credit score checking tool, informative blogs, and others.
  1. Real-Time Support: When you apply for a personal loan online, you get real-time support from the lender’s customer service team. For instance, Clix Capital has an named Maya on their website or through Whatsapp, who can help you throughout the loan process. If you need any kind of help, just type your query and you will get your answer within seconds.
  1. Streamlined Operation: Online application process is quick and hassle-free to make your loan process smooth and fast. Just fill up an online application form and get your documents verified online. If everything’s fine, you can get your loan approval within 15 minutes*. That’s why many smart borrowers apply for a personal online to make their loan process fast and easy.
  1. Fair Election: One of the biggest benefits of applying for a personal loan online is that you get a fair chance to get selected based on your credit score, eligibility criteria, and document availability. You can choose the loan term that best suits your loan requirement and repayment capacity at a competitive interest rate. You can quickly compare the available loan offers and choose the one as per your needs.

Living the life of your dreams may sometimes come at a high cost. But with the easy availability of personal loans at Clix Capital, you can get ready to face your financial issues at any point in life. Apply for our personal loan now and get a loan amount of up to ₹ 25 lakhs without visiting us even once. Our USP is our flexible repayment tenure, which means you can repay your loan in 12 to 48 months as per your convenience and easy EMIs.