CBD Moon Rocks gives you a more potent smoking experience

CBD Moon Rocks gives you a more potent smoking experience

CBD moon rocks provide smokers with a highly potent dose of CBD that far exceeds the ability of any Honolulu haze CBD flower for sale because they have a little (well, actually a lot of) something extra.

The concept for these rocks, like many other great CBD innovations, was stolen from the high-THC cannabis market. This CBD caviar combines premium CBD-rich flower, concentrate, and keef all in one delicious smokable package that you’re going to love.

They’re thought to be one of the strongest CBD products on the market, and they’re a huge hit with CBD smoking connoisseurs because they elevate the smoking experience to a whole new level.

How to make Moon Rocks

If you want to try making your own moon rocks at home, then you’ll just need three ingredients to get you started:

Premium hemp flower – the CBD flower is going to be your base, and you want to make sure you select the best quality flower to ensure it has been dried and cured correctly.

CBD concentrate or oil – next up, you’ll need your favorite CBD concentrate or oil – a sticky resin, hash oil, or a solventless CBD oil will work

CBD keef – finally, you’ll need some CBD-rich keef shake (if you don’t know what CBD keef is, see below)

Take one CBD flower bud at a time and dip, spray, or coat it in your chosen concentrate before rolling or dusting it with the keef. That’s it – you’ve got yourself a moonrock!

What is CBD Keef?

For those of you that aren’t familiar with trophy-wife hemp strain in California, this is the dust that you might find at the bottom of a baggy of cannabis or hemp flower buds. This dust is primarily made up of trichomes that have fallen off the flower buds, and it’s within these trichomes that cannabinoids, like CBD, are produced.

Keef can be collected from the flower in a variety of ways, usually during the trimming process. If the buds are hand-trimmed, the trimmers will usually use a double-layered tray, with the top layer being a very fine sieve that lets the keef drop down to the bottom for collection. If the buds are machine-trimmed, the keef will fall off the buds as it’s tumbled over and will be collected from somewhere in the bottom of the machine afterward.

How to Use CBD Moon Rocks?

If you’re wondering how to smoke moon rocks, we just hope you’ve smoked CBD before because we do not recommend them for beginner CBD users due to their extreme CBD potency.

You may be surprised to learn that CBD moon rocks can be smoked just like any other high-CBD flower. You just need to break a little bit off the nug and add it to your preferred smoking device, a bong, pipe, or vape.

They can be pretty sticky, though, so you may want to avoid using a grinder and paper. We also suggest you break the rock up over a tray, or right over the pipe or bong, to catch any keef that drops off.

We highly recommend kushiebites to see how it makes you feel, as you will not need much to experience the entourage effect.