Cleaning Your Car’s Wheels: Techniques for Removing Dirt and Brake Dust

car cleaning kit

The wheels are the part of the car that suffers from most of the dirt contamination. Regular washing is not enough. Washing techniques for the car parts determine a thorough cleaning and the wheel’s quality. When cleaning your car’s wheels, the correct methods will ensure a clean and functional wheel that makes the ride smooth.

To ensure thorough cleaning, one needs the proper tools. Using professional-grade accessories like the car cleaning kit gives one all the products they need to clean the car wheels thoroughly. For instance, it contains- car wash shampoo, tyre dresser, dashboard dresser, liquid wax and microfiber cloth. Each of the items has a purpose and helps in the cleaning process.

What Items Does One Need for a Car Wash?

  • Washers

Apart from the detailing products, one would also need car washers. The washers have a high-pressure system that effectively removes dirt from the car’s surface. The trigger gun allows the person to target the dirty areas of the wheels. They can quickly release and stop the water flow. The adjustable nozzle ensures there is no wastage of water. 

The items remove the dirt and contaminants from the tyre surface and the wheels. It ensures that the ridges and the grooves are intact. They also enhance the wheel’s functionality and look, making them look brand new.

  • Other Tools for Washing 

The other general supplies one needs are – a  microfiber cloth, a wash bucket for the wash solution,  a separate wash bucket to rinse the dirty cloth, a scratch-proof brush, a wheel cleaner, car shampoo and car wax. 

All these professional tools are perfect for cleaning your car’s wheels. After collecting all these items, you can start the rinsing process. Follow the steps mentioned below for a thorough cleaning.

Techniques for Cleaning Your Car’s Wheels

Step 1: Rinse Wheels to Wipe off the Contaminants

Before washing the wheels with cleaners, you must rinse off the dirt. Rinsing the surface dirt allows you to clean the brake dust and scrub the dirt underneath. 

Step 2: Use the Brake Dust Cleaner or Wheel Cleaner

Just soap and water are not enough for cleaning your car’s wheels. The correct brake dust cleaner will tackle the job more accurately. Remember, the material for the wheels is different from the rim. There are some cleaning agents which may suit one but not the other. The major component of the wheel is aluminium or alloy. 

Therefore, choose the cleaner that suits the material of the wheels. Read the instructions on the product to know how long it needs to sit on the wheels before you wash it off.

Step 3: Spray it on the Wheels and Wait 

When cleaning your car’s wheels, the next step after rinsing the wheels is to apply the spray on it and wait. The cleaner spray will loosen all the dirt and contaminants from the wheel, making cleaning easy. Wait for a few minutes before removing the dirt from the surface. 

Step 4: Use a Soft-Bristle Brush for Scrubbing

Now that the cleaner has loosened all the dirt clean the surface with a soft-bristle brush. Gently scrub the area. Use circular motions to scrub off the dirt and contaminants from the surface. Ensure a bucket of clean water to dip and clean off the brush between the scrubbing sessions. 

Step 5: Completely Rinse and Wash 

Now, rinse the wheels inside and outside. It thoroughly cleans the wheels, removing any leftover dirt or splashes of mud or gravel. 

Step 6: Dry

After cleaning your car’s wheel, let it dry. Use a microfiber towel to pat off the excess water from the surface. It prevents water spots from appearing. 

Step 7: Wheel Detailing Clay

The clay bar removes any remaining (if there is any) brake dust. It removes the substances that tend to remain deeply embedded in the wheel. You must apply this clay before polishing the wheel. Lubricate the wheel before applying the clay.

Step 8: Polish the Wheels

The last step is to apply a light and non-abrasive polish that will not scratch the surface. The polish protects the tyres and the axles from grime and dust. Since the dirt and contaminants are corrosive, they can adversely affect the wheel’s condition. Therefore, it is best to use it for longevity and to maintain the beauty of the rims.

The wheels need extra care. Applying the wax on them ensures that they have an extra protective layer. The layer will prevent all kinds of abrasions and scratches. Cleaning your car’s wheel procedures will keep the wheels near-pristine. Try to use less aggressive polishes, especially for wheels with chrome wheels.

Ensure that the products you buy from are compatible with the wheels of your vehicle. The professional-grade products and cleaning tools will give you perfectly clean wheels and tyres. With the right maintenance tools and methods, you can maintain the pristine condition of the wheels. Lastly, always go for regular schedules for cleaning your car’s wheel for maintenance.