Food Pairings with Garlic Bread

Garlic Bread

The traditional spaghetti and garlic bread combination is well-known to most people. But what if you don’t like spaghetti but still crave garlic bread? Are there other ways to enjoy it? You bet. Many foods, including soup, salad, fish, and vegetables, pair well with garlic bread. 

You’ve come to the correct place if you’re wondering what to serve with garlic bread that isn’t spaghetti. What to eat with garlic bread is a big issue, and we have some ideas that could surprise you.


Consider adding a slice of garlic bread to the side of your salad if you want to go for something a little lighter. Garlic bread can offer your salad a few extra calories and flavor, keeping you fuller for longer.

There aren’t any boundaries when it comes to combining a salad and garlic bread. Garlic bread and Caesar salad often go very well together, but you can also have a basic garden salad or a fruity summer combination.

Other vegetables also go well with garlic bread. So, if you’ve made a sauteed mixture of zucchini, mushrooms, and spinach and are trying to increase your intake of vegetables, don’t be afraid to serve it all with some garlic bread.


Well, garlic bread is bread. And it can be used for that. This is effective with all varieties, from deli meat to brisket and pulled pork. So why not place your fresh bread delivery order instead of your typical sandwich bread the next time you consider creating a sandwich?

Use garlic bread to make your morning sandwiches if you want to. With eggs, vegetables, cheese, bacon, and all your other morning staples, it’s a savory variation that surprisingly complements them.

Pizzas are another delectable dish you may prepare. Enjoy a quick homemade pizza that might surpass the genuine by baking it until it is perfectly bubbling. You could also eat it with pizza. The carb overload is real. But who is grumbling?


Countless options! Consider having some garlic bread as a snack with your preferred dip if you have an excess of it and need to get rid of it quickly. Use marinara sauce, pizza sauce, garlic sauce, or even a cheese dip flavored with beer.

Italian Food

Not all Italian cuisine consists of spaghetti. In fact, fettuccine alfredo, chicken parmesan, and filled shells are my three all-time favorite Italian dishes. Of course, there’s also pizza. Nothing complements garlic bread more than an Italian dish. 

Serving garlic bread with your dish will make you happy, whether you’re opting for a bright and light pesto or a thick and creamy alfredo. Garlic bread goes well with anything, even a straightforward baked meatball platter with marinara and cheese!


Garlic bread and soups or stews make for another delicious and cozy combination. However, don’t feel as though you must choose a dish as rich and cheesy as broccoli cheddar soup. Garlic bread goes well with robust and nutritious soups like vegetable barley or pot roast stew.