Geniusly Repurpose Your Old Smartphone With Phone Repair Shop Hamilton


The world doesn’t always stay the same. It keeps evolving, and so does each and everything in it, including humans and technology. Technology and electronic gadgets don’t always stay the same. They keep evolving. Many companies build them with new features and specifications every time. If you have been using any gadget, you must have realized that your old phone has no use further. The latest technologies are designed to cover our latest needs, stopping the need to use an older one. Human beings are created in such a way that they become curious about everything. They want to test and try everything until they get bored of it. You must have realized that whenever a new technology is released, people move on to it, leaving behind the old one. Now where do the old devices go? If you throw them in a bin or somewhere outside, they will impact the environment negatively. Many people keep their old devices somewhere in a drawer which is also not beneficial because it occupies space. So what should you do to make your old phone useful? Evo Repairs, a phone repair shop in Hamilton, has provided a few ways to repurpose your old smartphone without wasting money.

  1. Utilize Your Old Phone As a Permanent Music Player

If you have bought a new phone but don’t want to throw the old phone because you love your environment and don’t want to affect it with carbon footprints, you also can’t throw it in a drawer because it will occupy the space; we have some exciting suggestion for you. If you love music, you can turn your older device into a music player. Load your device with the latest music and listen to it until you tire. You can stream your favorite music through apps like Apple Music, Pandora, Spotify, and YouTube. 

  1. Make Your Old Gadget a Remote Control

If you don’t want to listen to music all day, every day, no worries. You can do something even more helpful with it. Turn your old gadget into a remote control and control your TV. You can use several apps like phone remote, universal remote, etc., log in to it, enter the credentials, and turn your old device into a remote control. With this mobile remote, you can control the TV, music player, computer, and projector. Local phone repair shop also suggests turning your phone into a remote control for smart devices like an inverter. 

  1. Turn your Oldie into a GPS tracker.

As a smartphone user, you must be familiar with a GPS tracker. It is a feature in every mobile to track your location or your kids, friends, and family. If you have an old phone and you don’t know what to do with it, you must download a GPS tracker app on your old phone and make it a GPS tracker. You can track your family and kids with this for their safety. You can also use your old phone as a satellite navigator. Not everyone prefers to use their latest phone as a map. What if you use a map on your latest phone and receive an urgent call? The map with disappear, and you will lose your way. I might have to face the dark jungle in the middle of the night. You don’t want to do that. Download Google Maps on your device and keep track of your directions. 

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  1. Play Games on it.

You might have heard from an authentic Samsung phone repair Hamilton that playing games on your latest phone for more than 10 minutes is not suitable for your device, especially if the games are heavy. They not only put a lot of strain on your phone’s processor but also overheats it and affect its battery health. If you love playing games and have an old cell phone, you can download the games on your old phone and play as much as you desire. You can make it a gaming device, connect it to a projector or a TV, and enjoy gaming on a big screen. You must have seen people playing temple run or subway surfer. What’s good about playing these games on an old device where you don’t have to worry about its battery and overheating. 

  1. Old phone- A Media Server

How many of you love to watch media programs or news? I am sure you love to keep yourself updated regarding current affairs. Many people love to watch shows, programs, cereals, and movies. Your old phone can serve as the best media server. You just have to download a media app by connecting your phone to the internet. 

  1. Google Home

According to Smartphone Repair Hamilton, you don’t have to spend dollars to buy google home when you can turn your old device into google homes. You just have to mount your phone to a perfect place and set it on “OK Google Detection” Your phone will become Google Homes. You can set alarms, ask as many questions as possible, and play music. So don’t delay making helpful something out of your old phone. You will not regret it. 

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