Gift ideas for your friend’s 21st birthday


Giving and receiving gifts increases the love between two people. Some people’s love language is giving or receiving presents. It is necessary to give your friends gifts on their birthdays and if your friend is turning 21, it is a milestone that deserves an extra special token of appreciation. Sometimes it is hard to choose gifts so here are some unique and great ideas for your friend’s birthday presents. These gift ideas are sure to make your friend’s 21st birthday celebration memorable and enjoyable. 

Custom-made cocktail set

As your friend just turned 21 now they are officially adults and allowed to drink. It is pretty exciting. So you can give them a custom-made cocktail set with their initials embossed on it. The cocktail set can have basic bar utensils like a jigger, shaker, strainer, etc. You can also add a recipe book that has great cocktail recipes for them to try and enjoy new flavors. 

Premium bottles of liquor

You can buy your friend their favorite bottle of liquor or maybe your favorite bottle of liquor to make this experience wholesome. If your friend is a coffee lover you can buy coffee flavored whiskey for them. You can also buy special edition or limited edition premium quality to enhance your new experience. 

Enroll your friend in a mixology class

Since it is a new experience and pretty exciting in the start you can get your friend enrolled in a mixology class as their birthday present. In this class, your friend can learn new recipes for making cocktails from experienced bartenders. This class will make your friend learn new recipes and it will also be really fun and interactive. It will be a lifetime experience for your friend and who knows your friend might become an expert so you always have to go to them to enjoy your favorite cocktails!

Your friend can also buy some of their favorite base drinks for them to try mixing at home like gin, vodka, and whiskey and some bars also have Mexican Michelada mix for sale. It is a Mexican beer that is great for making micheladas.

Wine tasting experience

Your friend just turned 21 and it would be a great present to take them for a wine or beer tasting experience at a local vineyard. It can be so much fun. You guys can interact with new people. Take loads of pictures together and keep them as an everlasting memory. This way your friend can also explore new flavors. You guys can learn about the whole production process as well. This can be a really good fun activity for both of you.

Decoration for home bar

If your friend has a home bar, it would be a great idea for you to get them unique accessories to decorate their home bar. According to the taste of your friend, you van get them paintings, neon signs, decorative bar charts, cozy furniture for the bar, or scented candles to add extra coziness to their home bar.