Guide On How to Convert Any PNG file into PDF on Windows 10


This is a handy guide on how to convert any PNG file into PDF on Windows 10. The tutorial includes a method to change PNG files into Microsoft Print to PDF via a virtual printer on Windows 10. For files not compatible or requirement on multiple conversions, we provide an accessible approach applying PDF converter to transfer PNG files into PDF.

This tutorial is about how to convert from PNG to PDF on Windows 10. We provide a solution within Windows 10 operating system as well as a method via a third-party PDF converter. Windows 10 is much more powerful than you can imagine. This guide provides tips on transferring PNG to PDF via Windows 10 Photos. There will also be an alternative method to turn PNG into PDF with PDF converter for users who are not accessible to Windows 10.

How to Convert PNG to PDF on Windows 10

From Window 10, it is easy and quick to save PNG as PDF using the Windows 10 image viewer. It only takes you a few clicks to do the magic. Before you start transforming PNG to PDF through Windows 10 Photos, check your Windows Features and see whether your Microsoft Print to PDF is on or not.

To do the check, first open your Windows Features, find the Microsoft Print to PDF option and tap it OK.

Learn what is Microsoft Print to PDF: a virtual printer that allows making a Word document as well as other formats become a PDF file without any other tool.

How to Convert PNG to PDF as Microsoft Print to PDF

Now follow the steps below to convert PNG to PDF on Windows 10:

  1. Open your PNG file with Windows Photos. Note that if your default image viewer is not Windows 10 Photos, you have to right-click your image and choose Open with Photos.
  2. Click the printer icon on the top or press Ctrl+P to open the Print dialog.
  3. Select Microsoft Print to PDF for Printer. You can also change orientation, paper size, photo size, page margins and fit as you prefer.
  4. Click Print to save the PNG image to PDF.

If this method is not working for your system, try to reinstall the function by turning off Microsoft Print to PDF in Windows Features and turning on it again.

After the conversion, you can open the PDF document with any PDF reader that supports this format. Be aware that Microsoft Edge is the default PDF reader by this method. If you have any preference, for instance, Adobe reader, reader or others, don’t forget to change the default settings.

You should also be aware that there might be some unpredictable conditions if you are not opening it with Microsoft Edge, due to compatibility. In this condition, you may have to convert your image via another approach.

Can I Convert Multiple PNG to PDF on Windows 10?

Of course, it is available in this method, we can help you combine PNG to PDF efficiently. It seems not hard to repeat the steps above to make several conversions. But it can be time-wasting and energy-taking if the conversion involves dozens of images. If your niche is about pictures, this could be worse, as you may deal with them all day.

In this circumstance, it is highly recommended that you apply another approach to make the conversion. With the help of a third-party PDF transformer, you can work more effectively and efficiently.