7 Best Activities For The Office Christmas Party

Office Christmas Party

Instructions to Arrange The Most Happy Party For Far off Representatives

Many companies are promoting remote work, as their employees appreciate the freedom, flexibility, and higher productivity it brings. Even with these advantages connecting remote workers isn’t easy. Particularly when you want to celebrate a special occasion like Christmas with your colleagues. If you’re currently in this scenario, fret not because we have the most effective and most festive remote team building activities to host your own office party online. These ideas will amuse your employees as well as help them discover more about one another.

7 Remote Activities For Your Virtual Office Party

1. Arranging Your Virtual Holiday Party

Christmas Party Hosting a virtual gathering could be more difficult to organize and time-consuming than you imagine. You must be aware the goal you’re hoping to accomplish, so that you can select the appropriate activities to achieve it. In our instance our ultimate objective is team building and bringing employees together who seldom, if ever meet in person. So, the actions you take prior to your gathering should set the tone to create a welcoming and warm gathering. Therefore, you should attach an inviting digital invitation to your online conference link, and include a personal message. Make sure to request your staff to dress in an outfit that is festive and have the most radiant smile.

2. Lay Down The Christmas Feast

A holiday celebration isn’t complete without tasty food and beverages. Even if you’re not at the same location it doesn’t mean that you and your group cannot enjoy the Christmas celebration with your friends. All you need to do is give your team members a hamper stuffed with treats prior to the date of the celebration. There is an app to deliver all of this, regardless of the location of your employees in. The effort you put into bring everyone together for the celebration will help create an atmosphere of solidarity and encourage your employees to be involved by embracing their differences.

3. Share Most loved Holiday Customs And Recollections

It’s common for remote employees to exclusively engage with people from their own department or team. This could create a virtual Christmas celebration uncomfortable, since most of the guests will not have interacted with one in any other way aside from work-related reasons. This is why it’s essential to incorporate an activity to break the ice for example, asking all participants to share a favourite holiday memory or custom that’s unique to their area or family, or even their religion. This will make everyone talk and share details about themselves, thereby aiding in bonding the group.

4. Play Merry Games

Another method of team-building for remote employees is to get employees to work together by playing games that are fun. Make a few groups based in the quantity of people who participate and be sure to join people who do not often interact regularly. They can then be competitive in fun games of quiz or charades. If everyone is keen for the challenge, you can enroll in an escape room online which will be the ultimate test of whether your employees work together in solving puzzles and reach the escape.

5. Take care of business

If you’re looking to create a more imaginative remote team building activity You can take on the challenge of hosting a gingerbread house-building contest. Be sure to give everyone a kit that includes all the necessities before hand to ensure that everyone uses the same items. Another option is to decorate gingerbread cookies, or making ornaments with paint to reflect every individual’s preference. The employees of your company will enjoy a lot pleasure showing their work to one another and taking notes on the outcomes.

6. Put together A Virtual Mystery Santa

You thought Secret Santa can only be held in person? Think again since you could conduct an online Secret Santa ceremony. All you need to do is create the budget, create the list of everyone’s desires, and then randomly choose your Secret Santa pairs. Then, ask everyone to pick a gift that is available on the internet, e.g., concert or tickets to the theater or a gift card or a gift card. In this way, the gift-giving process is available to everyone, regardless of where they are and thus increasing their morale as well as building relations.

7. Create A Time Capsule

This is a fantastic remote team-building exercise that your team will enjoy for years to follow. The idea of creating a time capsule will encourage everyone to look back on the year that’s close to its end and make future goals in the next year. For this particular activity you should ask your employees to write you an email, a predictions, or goals for the coming year. It may be professionally or personal. Save them in your time capsule (which could be similar to an electronic document). If the next holiday celebration is over, you’ll be able to go through the messages and determine if your goals were met or if predictions were fulfilled.


Christmas gatherings are an excellent opportunity to close your year with a happy and enjoyable note. They can bring people together and help them get in a good spirit for the coming break. This may be more difficult in the event that your majority of your staff is remote, but definitely not difficult. Utilize the strategies we discussed in this post for the most entertaining remote team building activities. You can also organize a virtual Christmas party that the employees will be talking over for weeks.