Pro Tips for Marvel Future Revolution

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Mobile gaming has not just been able to take over the market in the last few years. It’s becoming the new market. Marvel, the movie and comics major behind iconic characters such as Spiderman, Captain America, and Hulk is now taking advantage of this trend by launching a free-to-play mobile ARPG, the MARVEL Future Revolution. This list includes 8 of the best suggestions to immediately improve your marvel future revolution gameplay.

Pro Tips for Marvel Future Revolution

The game was released in August 2021 and was received with enthusiasm by the critics. The game was adored by its fans around the globe. It let players play as famous characters from MARVEL Future Revolution’s roster, like Captain America, Doctor Strange and Spider-Man. Each of these characters was additionally given special abilities.

This is an excellent aspect. However, it could also mean that players who are new might find it difficult to understand the game due to the different ways of learning the game as well as the characters.

Choose A Main Character

Choosing an excellent main character that is suited to the game of your choice is essential. The first character you get could be a tanky bruiser or a support character which is more effective in a squad. Keep in mind that they’ll serve as the core of your team So, make your selection carefully!

No matter what your character’s level , it’s recommended that they remain with you until they get to their maximum. Your character will receive lots of gear and bonuses which will make them indispensable, so it’s crucial to keep them on hand. You should also make sure you check in every day to MARVEL Future Revolution with them and receive those exciting bonus items for your character.

Learn to Dodging and Flying

In contrast to many mobile games that kick you off with squishy characters, the initial heroes in Marvel Future Revolution are tanky. This makes it easy to progress through the game’s initial levels, but also means that the new players aren’t missing out on a crucial move: the dodge function.

We’re here to let you know that this is an error.

The amount of damage that your characters suffer over progressing missions in MARVEL Future Revolution increases exponentially, meaning that, within a short time, sitting there and taking damage will fail the mission within a matter of minutes. Instead, start using the dodge button from very early, making powerful enemies later on significantly easier to beat.

Change Your Settings

The ability to customize your marvel future revolution gameplay is among the most amazing features of this game. You can adjust everything including the shake of the screen as well as the frame rate. Now, you’re expecting us for to inform you of what we believe is the best combination of settings.

Beep Beep is not the right word! Instead of recommending a single size fits all configuration We’ll suggest exploring. You have all the time in the world to find out your preferences and so experiment with different settings and find out the best settings to your preferred style of marvel future revolution gameplay.

We will however inform you to examine the shake on your screen, especially in the cast of characters that are fast like Spiderman.

Don’t forget to pack your equipment

As with most open-world RPGs the MARVEL Future Revolution comes with the distinct element of being stuffed with various kinds of loot including Armor or suits, as well as items for wear. Even playing a few missions starts earning you enough items to complete your inventory!

If you’re starting out, here’s a tip that’ll simplify the game: always equip the best equipment available and any other top equipment that you can get in loot. The stat bonuses can be very significant, so even a tiny piece of gear could make a big difference.

Please Don’t Go Around Dismantling Your Gear

You know how Marvel Future revolution provides you with loads of stuff? Wearables, badges, costumes If you’re an active player, you’ll notice your inventory filling up with things you don’t utilize in no time. Are you aware of the urge to sell everything you don’t need in the present moment?

Ignore it. Like, please.

One of the most effective tips you’ll get fit early in the game is to always store the gear you acquire. It’s easy to see the reason: Marvel’s future revolution gameplay allows you to share your loot with other heroes, giving them the power boost they require.

And, God, whatever you do, please don’t auction off your regional costumes. Your marvel game of the future will make them more useful.

As soon as you can you can join or form an alliance

If you’ve played an MMO or online RPG we don’t have to tell you how advantageous being part of an alliance or clan could be when compared to playing alone. It lets you have fun, chat with friends and learn new game-specific tricks and information. Once you’ve completed the massive mission ‘2 – 12 Assemble’, you can join or form an alliance in the MARVEL Future Revolution.

We highly suggest that you join an alliance after learning basic marvel future revolution gameplay. One of the benefits to joining an alliance is that you can earn rare rewards just by playing the game!

You should check your Activity Log Rewards regularly

You can access your Activity Log in-game under the Records tab. In this section, you’ll be able to slowly finish passive tasks as you play the game with various characters and heroes. There are a variety of missions to be completed. On top of that, the rewards you accumulate here aren’t automatically gathered.

It’s recommended to go through your Activity Log every couple of days. You’ll often earn tons of rewards simply by keeping track of it on a regular basis. This is particularly beneficial for those who are just beginning in the game, as there are numerous missions and passive objectives focused on the start of the game, and they will help you a lot with different aspects of marvel’s future revolution gameplay.

Take them off and save Space

Did we mention that the inventory in MARVEL Future Revolution’s going to fill up quickly? One of the main reasons for this is the badges you collect while playing. They can create a lot of congested play in a game you’re already new to. To free up space to store valuable items get rid of all 2 and 1 Star badges you earn, as they’re barely necessary.

You can also utilize the Squad Storage function to share badges and resources among different heroes, in case you wish to keep them. Do whatever you want and play with your futuristic game!


With that, we’re going to end this collection of advice for Marvel’s upcoming game for mobile, MARVEL Future Revolution. Remember that in the final analysis, if you are looking to improve your skills the game, there’s nothing better than to play the game in a way that is fun So, get out there and start pounding away!