The Importance of Quality Ink

Quality Ink

This week we are talking about why we carefully select and import the inks we stock.

I’m sure you have all experienced the customer who was tattooed elsewhere and complains about ink bleeding out/fading or worse, causing a reaction to the client’s skin. The importance of quality tattoo ink is not to be underestimated as I’m sure you all already know.

As with any industry, there are always advancements and improvements to be made, and over the years the tattoo ink creation process has been fine-tuned and improved. At the moment, tattoo ink manufacturers are not only concerned with high hygiene standards and non-toxic ingredients but they are also looking at making their products organic and vegan friendly too. Health risks are minimized by sterilization and broad spectrum testing of bacteria; ingredients are proven to be non-toxic and high standards of production and quality control are in place. Pigments constantly undergo rigorous testing and a lot of research and development goes into creating these products. So what’s in these inks anyway?

Generally, tattoo ink manufacturers prefer to keep their formulas a closely guarded secret but we do know that traditionally a variety of ingredients including acrylic resin, carbon, glycerine, pigment dyes, metal salts, water, alcohol and witch-hazel can be used. But of course, not all inks are created equally, which is why we have selected the inks we stock.

Eternal Ink is water-based, non-toxic and glycerol free making it vegan friendly. Along with this ink, Dynamic Ink is also pre-dispersed which results in smooth and evenly dispersed flow. I’ve already shared a video about Fusion Ink on our Facebook page which is self-explanatory on why we carry their brand. And all these inks, including World Famous, are sterilized before being bottled.

We’ve all seen the results of lower quality inks which are thinner and less permeable resulting in dull, less durable tattoos to say the least. The brands we have chosen have a proven track record and results – after all, this is what everyone is after (artist and client) – good, long lasting, quality results that do justice to your artwork and abilities, and above all, that is proven safe for clients.