The Top 7 Causes Of Auto Glass Damage

Auto Glass Damage

It’s always important to drive safely, but with all the extra winter rain and icy roads, winter can be especially dangerous. That’s why it’s more important than ever to make sure there are no cracks or other damage in your windows. Also, cracks tend to get bigger in the winter because of the big temperature changes.

Window Pitting

You can get holes in your windscreen if you spend a lot of time on the roads in the winter. As you drive down the road, small pieces of gravel, sand, or ice regularly hit your windscreen.

Shifted and cloudy vision can happen when windscreens have pits in them. These problems can make it more likely for your windscreen to crack or chip if you don’t fix them.

Loose Windshield

You should get a new windscreen or window right away if the one you have is shaking or coming loose. Usually, this happens after the car has been in an accident that broke the window seal but left the glass undamaged. Portland people are getting rid of the old glass by auto glass repair portland or and putting in a new seal.

Object Impact

When small things hit windscreens at high speeds, they often get chips and cracks that get worse over time. A big item hitting a car is always an emergency, whether you’re driving down the road and something flies off of the car in front of you or your car gets damaged while it’s parked in your driveway. 

Stress Damage From High Winds

Stress cracks can happen in your windscreen or side windows when the pressure from these high wind speeds is strong enough.

Break-Ins And Theft

It’s pretty awful to get back to your car after a long day of holiday shopping and find that the side window is broken. It doesn’t matter how little the thieves stole; you now have a broken glass and a broken sense of security.

Vandalism and car breaks are less likely to happen if you only park in well-lit lots, preferably ones with security cams nearby. Thieves may be tempted to steal expensive things that are out of sight. Finally, you might want to think about getting better insurance and putting in a car alarm.

Car Accidents

If you’re the most careful driver in the world, there’s a good chance you’ll get into an accident at some point. And because an impact can put a lot of force on glass, car windows often break in accidents, even when people are moving at low speeds.

Pressure from Weight

Although it may seem unlikely, we have seen a fair number of stress cracks caused by people climbing on top of cars. Any pressure around the edge of a windscreen can damage it. Although taking pictures on top of car hoods might look cool, putting the right amount of pressure on your windscreen can cost you money.


Surface chips or cracks can usually be fixed. Replacement is needed if the damage penetrates the glass. Furthermore, the margin is where the problem regions are near the windscreen. Bumps, vibrations, and vehicle movement are more likely to worsen this damage and weaken the windscreen due to its placement.