Top Trending Property Name Signs You Must Try Out In 2022


A nameplate is your identity. It displays your family or your workplace. No matter where you live-be it a bungalow or a flat. This is your first impression and a piece of decoration for your guest. This will create a completely different image of the rest of the house. In fact, this makes it more important for you to create and decorate your space in your personal style, making it look more welcoming.

Make sure you get some unique, eye-catchy property name signs that create a completely different impression on your visitors. Mix and match the colour of the name plate with the design and background of the main entrance. Here, we will highlight some basic and unique property name signs. These are perfect for any normal, rustic or contemporary styled home, office spaces, shops, etc. The stunning and simple designs are sure to bring warmth to any space.

Unique Property Name Signs Ideas For Your Space

Whenever someone crosses or visits your space, the first thing they see is your nameplate. In simple words, we can say this is the first impression. Therefore, one needs to make sure to have a unique and impressive one. Here are a few types of nameplates that will make your place look classy and beautiful.

  • Wooden nameplates

Wooden ones are one of the oldest yet most popular nameplates for any place. With its natural texture and colour variations, it has gained popularity. This provides an elegant and natural look to your space. Wooden nameplates can make a positive impression on your visitors and make your entrance look beautiful.

These can be square, round, oval, tree-shaped, house-shaped etc.; you can even customize your wooden property name signs.

  • Brass nameplates

Brass is made up of robust materials that act well in both outdoor and indoor conditions. It also has good resistance against corrosion, saltwater, chemicals, other solvents, etc. We can prepare brass nameplates in no time. Moreover, it is long-lasting as well. 

Having brass property name signs at your place provide it with a distinctive look in comparison to other metals. It gives a polished and decorative look as its colour comes from the mixture of zinc and copper that gives it an elegant golden colour. This makes it unique and attractive.

  • Glass nameplates

Glass gives a unique and classy look. In one way or the other, it makes passers wait and stare at the nameplate. These are beautiful, elegant and rich looking in appearance. Also, these are long-lasting. Weather changes do not make the rust-free nameplates change in colour, texture or anything.

Therefore, for nameplate designing, glass is one of the best materials.

  • Clay nameplates

In modern-day property name signs, clay is a new addition. You can now customize your nameplates just the way you want. These plates come in different textured wooden bases with polymer clay and acrylic paints.

You can choose clay if you wish for customized and unique nameplates.

  • Steel nameplates

It is a part of new-gen home décor culture. Stainless steel nameplates provide a seamless finish giving your entrance an elegant look. Apart from looks, it is long-lasting as well. Additionally, it can tolerate adverse environmental conditions. They are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. 

  • Acrylic nameplates

If you are looking for a stylish and modern look for your entrance, acrylic property name signs are perfect for you. Somewhere these elements looks similar to glass-based materials. Usually, the material used in acrylic nameplates is a mirror shine sheet made of acrylic. These also give a graceful finish.


Bring the warmth of nature into your home with the handmade nameplates. With a variety of styles and sizes to suit your every need, you’re bound to find the perfect solution for property name signs. In fact, there is an array of high-quality materials to make your entrance look beautiful.