Ultimate Guide to Chromebook Accessories

Chromebook Accessories

There’s a lot to love about Chromebooks, from their lightweight portability to their functional capacity, but the experience can be improved with top-tier accessories. Accessories in all varieties help to combat some of the more common complaints about Chromebooks like their lack of ports and flaky screens. So read on for the ultimate guide to the best accessories around.

A Mouse

Any portable PC will benefit from a mouse, whether that is wired or wireless. You can view offers at lenovo.com, and here are the reasons why this accessory should be a top priority. It allows a better degree of control over the on-screen operations, which is an attractive prospect for people using intricate software or managing multiple applications. They are more flexible than the mousepad on the device, which means there is less strain on the hand position and a reduced risk of injury resulting from prolonged usage.

A Keyboard

Chromebooks tend to be smaller in size, which means they also have smaller keyboards. Smaller keyboards are not ideal for those who are working all day behind the screen, for example, as they can cause hand and wrist strain. So, purchasing an external keyboard will make working easier, and Chromebooks support a wide range of keyboard makes and styles too.


The integrated camera on these devices is not the best quality, so if you are someone who does a lot of work over virtual video meetings or similar, investing in a separate webcam is the better choice.

USB Dock

As mentioned above, Chromebooks do not have a lot of port options and they are more geared towards USB-C ones. If you are needing to plug things into your device, such as HDMI or ethernet, a USB port is a good option as it provides access to all these things.

Portable Charger

The battery life on the average Chromebook is admirable, with a fully charged device expected to last between six and eight hours. However, this is not enough if you are traveling out of the house, for example, and working remotely with limited options for accessing a plug to charge. A power bar provides a solution to this issue and can even be used to charge other devices like phones.  

Wireless Headphones

Usually powered by Bluetooth, wireless headphones are a suitable accessory for many styles of portable computers. The audio quality will never be able to match that of professional-grade speakers, and given the nature of the device, i.e., the portability, audio is better received through an in-ear auditory aid like Bluetooth-enabled headphones.

Memory Extension

Chromebooks have access to Google Drive, and there are always options for increasing this with further cloud-based storage. However, the flip side is because of this access, the actual device is not made to withhold much internally. The RAM specs are not very high, and a memory card is an ideal way to extend it.


Chromebooks are some of the most popular computer options on the market, and it’s because they are built substantially. But, just like any laptop model, there will always be room for improvement with the accessories.