What details will my car accident lawyer need from me?

car accident lawyer

Whenever you’re a victim of a car accident, among the first things that come to your list of to-dos is to consult an auto accident attorney soon after you call your family members and spouse. If you make the call regarding your injuries from the car accident, you should have substantial details on the accident for your attorney to proceed.

Soon after meeting with a car accident, you should get in touch with a personal injury attorney. In case you have sustained injuries and you’re trying to cure yourself by being admitted to the hospital, you should stay in touch with a car accident attorney in Vegas.  But what are the things that the lawyer will ask from you? 

Details that will be required for a PI claim

Filing a PI claim will depend on how critically you have been injured in the car accident. Regardless of whether it was a fender bender or a massive one, here are the few details that the PI lawyer will want from you:

  • Time and date of the accident

The foremost things that the personal injury lawyer will need are the basic details of the time and date of the accident. He will also ask you the total number of cars that have been involved in the road crash. 

  • Whether you accepted your fault

This is something that is very vital for your auto accident attorney to know. He will therefore ask you whether or not you’ve spoken to the other car drivers involved in the accident and accepted your fault. Experts will always tell you that it is not advisable to admit yoru fault in any way or form. Once you do so, the insurance companies will use all details against you.

  • Evaluation of the whole accident

This is the part where the car accident lawyer will ask for all sorts of details. There are a few serious cases in which the legal matters are taken pretty far to an extent where you have to recreate the entire scene of the accident inside the court. You should be aware of the scene of the accident, what exactly you were doing while you bore the impact of the accident and whether or not you sensed something unusual. 

  • Details of police report

This is one more critical point that is asked by the auto accident lawyer. Fleeing from the site of the accident is illegal as there are too many damages and injuries that occur. Hence the attorney needs to know whether or not the police arrived at the spot and made an accident report. Are you carrying a copy of the report? If you aren’t, the lawyer might be able to get it on your behalf. In case the report reveals that the other party is at fault, this is certainly good news for you. 

Therefore, whenever you meet with a fatal car accident and you plan to seek the assistance of a car accident lawyer, you should expect the above-listed questions to be asked to you. Be prepared with honest answers.