Why Do People Use 2023 Hyundai Kona as a Daily Usage Car? 


Budget-friendly, great performance, stylish look, etc. are some of the facts that make people use the 2023 Hyundai Kona as their daily commuting vehicle. Only a few cars in the market can do what Kona can, which can be described as ideal for regular usage. This is a car that offers more than meets the eye and thus, most people visiting Philadelphia Hyundai dealer, take a look at it!

Great everyday performance 

Hyundai offers a choice of engines for Kona variants. The first one is a four-cylinder engine mated with an automatic 6-speed that provides 147 horsepower; it is equipped under SE and SEL trims’ hood. This system can take only 9.2 seconds to reach 0-60, which is quite commendable for a vehicle that people want to use for running errands every day. 

However, people looking for a peppier version of Kona choose its optional engine; a four-cylinder turbocharged model that creates 195 horses and is mated with an automatic 7-speed dual-clutch transmission. It can reach 0-60 mph within 7.3 seconds and is considered by most to be an ideal every day using automobile. 

Most people opt for this powerful setup as this dual-clutch option shifts swiftly and quicker which makes it give this car the right peppiness. Also, this vehicle offers agile handling that surprises most first-time drivers of Kona. In addition, it works well to provide ample comfort when dealing with rough ride scenarios. 

Such a great performance of Kona is possible because of its powertrain. Smooth ride, efficient handling, ample power, etc. are some of the reasons that make this vehicle offer great everyday performance and people opt for this car. To enjoy what it would feel like to use this vehicle regularly, take a test ride by reaching Philadelphia area Hyundai dealer


A car which people want to use for running daily errands and stuff like that should be budget-friendly. This generation Hyundai Kona starts from a little over $23k. The base model is SE, which costs $23,475 and SEL costs $25,285 (these two have the less powerful engine). Kona’s turbocharged engine is equipped in N-Line and Limited trims, which are priced at $29,185 and $30,285 respectively. 

Most people opt for the N-Line and Limited variants as they offer a better-performing engine, something most people want in their everyday usage vehicles and that too at reasonable pricing. 

Other aspects that make it an ideal regular-usage vehicle 

Kona has an interior that is modern and comfortable. Good ergonomics, quality materials, comfortable seats, etc. are some of the features that are a must for everyday driving vehicles. 

Some features that make everyday commuting or running errands fun include its large infotainment display, Android Auto, Apple CarPlay, head-up display, etc. Moreover, this car has enough space for holding 14 carry-ons when all seats are folded. 

Such features, performance capability and budget-friendly aspects are why most people prefer to opt for the 2023 Hyundai Kona when looking for a daily usage vehicle. So, hurry and get yours by visiting a dealership nearby!