Zorb Balls: The Latest Craze for Adventurers


What’s the best part of summer? For most people, it’s getting outside to enjoy nature. In fact, many people would agree that the true essence of summer lies in being able to roam free, to breathe in fresh air, and to enjoy the feeling of the sun on your skin, no matter how hot it gets. If you’re looking for new adventures this summer, though, you might want to try out the Zorb Ball instead of regular old hiking or camping. The Zorb Ball is a cutting-edge adventure designed for thrill seekers like you who are up for anything!

A Fun Activity

Zorb Balls are round inflatable bubbles about 10 feet in diameter that hold two to four people. The exterior of each bubble is made of soft, but durable material like vinyl or PVC. Each person puts on a harness and then steps into one side of a ball before inflating it with a built-in fan or pump. Once it’s inflated, participants can walk, run, crawl and jump inside their bubble while they playfully bounce down hills and other terrain. Riders remain safely inside until they reach their desired destination. Inflating time ranges from 10 to 15 minutes; depending on how quickly you work at it. Zorb balls generally cost around $1 per minute but discounts are often available online when booking in advance.

What Is a Zorb?

A Zorb is a ball made out of durable plastic that’s usually about 12-feet in diameter. It has two openings, one at each end, so people can climb inside and lay down or sit comfortably. Then a motorized ball pit moves through an indoor play area where there are various fixtures to traverse over or under. People wear helmets and protective padding on their bodies when riding a zorb. It’s just like an amusement park ride, only with more freedom because you aren’t constrained by anything except gravity.

The Benefits of Riding A Zorb Ball

Zorb balls are exciting, fun and a great way to try something new. Zorb balls aren’t like anything else out there and when you ride one you will feel like you are floating on air. Some people have dubbed it an amusement park ride. It may not be in your local mall just yet but it is available at some adventure parks throughout the country. You can feel free to jump on a zorb ball and experience something different. If you want to get away from life’s hectic day-to-day routine or just want to try something new, riding a zorb ball is a must.

Where To Buy

For any daring adventurer looking to try zorbing, it’s best to start close to home. There are only a few companies on earth who offer zorb balls, and they’re usually found in outdoor recreation centers near natural attractions. If you’re lucky enough to live near one of these adventure parks, be sure to take advantage of summer and visit! Otherwise, head over to your favorite travel agency and book a trip overseas. You can get deals by searching on Groupon or similar sites as well. We hear great things about zorbing in Canada!

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How To Ride A Zorb Ball

The zorb ball can be ridden in many different ways, but there are a few that may prove to be more enjoyable than others. Many people prefer bouncing around on a zorb ball. This is relatively easy because you don’t need any special shoes or equipment to do it and it gives your body a good workout without putting too much pressure on any particular muscles. It also makes it easier to get back up if you fall down as falling sideways is less painful and easier to recover from than falling forward or backward. Another way to ride a zorb ball is by trying your hand at running around it.

Safety Precautions

Although zorbing is a relatively safe activity, it’s important to note that there are inherent risks associated with any form of adventure. Make sure to follow any safety precautions associated with your particular attraction and do your best not to exceed recommended weight or height limits. If you’re new to zorbing, be sure to talk with staff about proper technique before embarking on your adventure. On many attractions, for example, riders will go down feet-first—an easier position from which to handle bumps in the terrain and prevent injuries. If you’re rolling down a hillside in an inflatable ball and cannot see where you are going, make sure you know where you are supposed to end up so that staff members can help guide you if necessary.