4 Tips to Grow Your Non-Profit Organisation


Running a non-profit organisation can be one of the most satisfactory jobs. It gives you a sense of accomplishment and pride to help those who cannot help themselves. Whether working for the welfare of the elderly, children, or women, striving for change is commendable.

However, running a non-profit organisation is not an easy task. It requires a lot of work and dedication. As more deserving people know about your helping hand and knock at your door, you may feel overwhelmed due to a limited budget or lack of volunteers.

Remember, panicking or procrastinating will get you nowhere. Instead, here are four tips that can help you grow your non-profit organisation and help more people.

1. Value Your Donors

Whether your non-profit organisation has just been established or has been in the field for many years, some donors help you start your cause and stay by your side through thick and thin. Regardless of what they donate, these donors are your non-profit organisation’s biggest asset.

As a non-profit organisation, you must always remind yourself that retaining current donors is better and easier than making new ones. Please ensure you invite your donors to all your events and fundraisers and give them the attention they deserve as they are the biggest asset of your organisation.

2. Establish Strong Partnerships

A non-profit alone, with its limited donors, can never grow exceptionally. Many other strategic steps need to be taken to grow your non-profit organisation to stand out. One of these steps is establishing strong partnerships with established names for better outreach of your organisation.

Organisations like child based nonprofit and support centres need a lot of funds to run smoothly. Increasing outreach and partnerships play a huge role in getting the word out about your cause. Robust partnerships can help you raise funds smoothly and get the word out for your cause. 

3. Publish Your Testimonials

Testimonials can be very encouraging for you as a non-profit organisation, but encouragement is not the only purpose they serve. Adding these testimonials to your website and brochures can become a very efficient part of your marketing strategy that can add people’s trust in your organisation.

You can begin working on marketing the testimonials by asking your established member if they are willing to quote their views and ambition regarding your organisation. If the members seem hesitant, you can write a testimonial and get their consent to publish it for your outreach.

4. Look for Volunteers

The biggest problem that non-profit organisations struggle with is that there are a lot of problems to cater to but not enough human resources to accommodate every person asking for help. In such circumstances, volunteers all around the world empower local and international organisations.

Most volunteers are young and self-driven enthusiasts driven by their passion for social change by offering a helping hand. You can ask for help from volunteers for your non-profit organisation through your social media handles and brochures and encourage them to join you for change.