5 Bachelorette Party Ideas In & Around Saratoga County


Arranging a bachelorette party for your sister, your mother, or your best friend is one of the most exciting tasks you could be given, and naturally, you will want to give your loved one the time of their life on the last few days of their freedom.

Suppose you are fortunate enough to live around the Saratoga County area. In that case, you are literally spoilt for choice when arranging the most action-packed and entertaining bachelorette party.

Here are five bachelorette party ideas based in and around Saratoga County.

1.    A Boozy Brunch

The concept of brunching has become so unbelievably popular that there are now specific restaurants that are purely dedicated to that delicious meal between breakfast and lunch. A boozy brunch is an ideal way to fuel up for the weekend.

Just a few of the top-rated brunch destinations in the center of Saratoga County that are perfect for hosting a boozy bachelorette brunch include, amongst others, the following:

  • ‘The Merc’ on Caroline Street
  • ‘Wheatfields Restaurant & Bar’ on Caroline Street
  • ‘Max London’s’ on Lake Avenue
  • ‘The District’ on Phila Street
  • ‘Longfellows Restaurant & Hotel on Union Avenue
  • ‘Dock Browns Lakeside Tavern’ on 511 RoutePP

2.    Pamper & Spa Morning

If the list of bachelorettes is seemingly never-ending, then a spa and more intimate pamper morning to kick off the celebrations may well not be as appropriate. However, for a smaller group of girls, what better way to begin than visiting the stylish Cooper’s Nails South Glens Falls for a celebrity-style manicure?

Following that, you could book yourself and the rest of the group into a spa and sauna, for massages, beauty treatments, and a relaxing swim, before heading back to get dry and changed and off to your next destination.

3.    The Saratoga Racecourse

With those bachelorette parties occurring within the track season, you simply must book in half a day to attend horse racing at the Saratoga Racecourse.

Let the rest of the bachelorettes know in plenty of time the plan, so they can invest in a posh dress, an ostentatious hat, and the coolest designer-esque shades, and be sure to take as many Instagramable photos as possible throughout the day.

4.    Paddleboarding

Look no further than paddleboarding on the great Saratoga Lake for a much more sporty and outdoor bachelorette pursuit.

Established and licensed expert paddleboarders at the renowned Kayak Shak hold paddleboarding classes every morning at the far end of the lake in the area of Fish Creek. All equipment and supplies will be hired to you and the rest of the group, and after a quick health and safety lesson, it will be time to get on the water!

5.    Private Candle Parties

The perfect bachelorette weekend should always include a combination of intimate bonding time and raucous drinking and dancing. To ensure you all get the maximum benefit of the former, arranging a private candle party is the answer.

Privately-run companies, such as The Candle Collective, will teach you girls how to make candles and how to include your absolute favorite scents before providing you with all the tools to craft your very own to take back with you.