7 Ways To Feel Deep This Holiday Season

Holiday Season

As a yoga instructor as well as a practitioner, the owner and manager of Amana Yoga in Boulder Colorado My passion in life is sharing ways to get your mindfulness and yoga practice off the mat and incorporate it to your everyday life. This idea is more important than right now, as we begin the bustling Christmas season!

I am a sucker for this time of the season. With the change in weather to being able to visit family members I’m not usually able to see, and lots of exciting parties and events that fill the season with excitement and joy. I’m a part of a big loud, Italian family – and the way we show love and hospitality is to make sure that your stomach is filled with delicious and rich food, and you are drinking a glass of wine with you (which isn’t always feeling at your top).

In the years following college, I left from my family, and as an introvert by nature I figured that having my first post-college holiday with a small group of close friends would result in an enlightened and peaceful time. I soon realized that regardless of your current environment, the Christmas season has an ability to throw everyone off balance, despite your plans to go to every Christmas event or just stay home and enjoy an evening Hallmark film marathon.

The time of year can trigger many problems that could affect your overall health – the most common concerns are digestive issues as well as weakening immune systems and general declines in energy. If you’re experiencing anxiety and stress or you’re managing a hectic travel schedule, and trying to stay clear of the temptations of the holiday season it’s likely that getting out of your routine can trigger feeling of anxiety. Here are seven tips to keep you at peace, calm and focused throughout the the season.

1. Practice Mindfulness Holiday Social Parties

Take advantage of those extra sweets! Drink every drop of wine, take a bite of the Christmas cookie, and note as you go that you’ve been through enough. It’s not easy with the other distractions of music, lights, and a crowd of people. But take a moment to relax take a deep breath, look around and do what is best for you as well as your body.

2. Hydrate

This is an excellent general rule of thumb at any time throughout the year. However, make sure you drink half of your weight in ounces each day. In addition, you should drink 8 ounces of water for each adult drink, coffee or exercise! Hydration is essential to get a better night’s sleep, feel fuller quicker, and eliminate toxins that are not needed from our system. All of which are essential to stay healthy throughout the agitated months.

3. Include Additional Meditation

You can sit quietly, while keeping your eyes shut. placing one hand on your heart, and the other hand towards your belly. Concentrate on breathing deeply into the hand that is on your heart and then back to the hand that is on your stomach. Inhale fully, then repeat the 10 times. Note how you feel prior to and after. Try to practice this at least every day for the next couple of weeks, and perhaps add an additional practice if you think you’ll have a busy day!

4. Get Outside

When our response this season is usually to get into hibernation, make sure to relax and go outdoors to breathe in fresh (and perhaps chilly) air! Be aware of the changes in color and the landscape surrounding you – the light and smells, feel your toes against the floor. Have a cup of warm drink along, such as matcha or tea to ensure that you don’t let the cold take over!

5. Spray It Out

In addition to the many exciting activities, aswell with the change in conditions, your workouts could easily get lost in the shuffle during this time of season. Do your best to get in at minimum 30 minutes of physical activity at least once a each week. The increase in your heart rate, and feeling more energized, can assist you not to over indulge because you’ll feel the effects your consumption more quickly. Maybe you should try one of my classes on the Yoga Studio App (found on iTunes and Android)!

6. Do Yoga Quickly

Within the Western world, we’re extraordinary “Do-ers” with quick, hot yoga styles are the rage. Winter is about finding a balance from that type of yoga by pursuing a peaceful, restorative practice because this is the Yin season. The concentration is on what your “Being” instead of what you’re “Doing.” I suggest you sit in your yoga mat laying out your spine while doing cats, perhaps under dim lighting or candles. Relax and take a few gentle twists or lay on your back then close your eyes and simply move in any manner that you like.

7. Construct A Gratitude Guide

This is particularly relevant for people who spend time with their families! The spiritual leader once stated: “If you think you have reached a higher level of consciousness, then spend the week with your loved ones.” Before embarking on an outing with your family, make your own gratitude checklist by recalling everything you cherish about the people you’re about encounter. Following your family time take some time to reflect and fill the pages of your Gratitude Journal with the joyful interactions and moments of bonding by focusing on the positive moments.

There is no such thing as perfection It’s helpful to keep in mind that you have the power to design your own experience (especially at this time of the year). Whatever your previous bad experiences with the holidays Focusing on these seven strategies will allow you to go into the holiday season on fresh slates. Thank you, and happy Holidays!