Canvas Prints USA How To Decorate Walls with Art, To Be a Better You

Canvas Prints USA How To Decorate Walls with Art, To Be a Better You

Would you believe us if we told you art can significantly transform you into a better version of yourself? Well, you better start believing because throughout the decades there have been advancements in scientific and biological research giving way to a plethora of information and documented scientific facts which prove how the visual impact of both color and art can impact our brains!

When we think about art, it can make each café near me every one of us feel a different way. It is subjective in its nature, meaning art is based on or influenced by personal feelings, tastes, or opinions.  Because of its subjectivity every individual can draw their own meaning from art, a meaning which is unique to them. Through admiration of art and its beauty, it can cause our brains to release dopamine, which gives us a feeling and sense of pleasure. Bongd.

We all know when we feel better, mentally, we are placed in a better position to make better decisions and therefore become a better version of ourselves. And this is why through decorating with art, one can find through observation and admiration of such works, a source of inspiration that catapults our feeling of fulfillment and motivation.

Decorating with art can also make your living spaces look more aesthetically pleasing to the eye, but the magic lies within the ability to decorate with art that inspires you to achieve your goals in life. That is why it Is important to strongly consider which pieces of art you allow into your home. Select colors and pieces of art which are designed to encourage feelings of happiness, fulfillment, confidence, imagination, inspiration, drive and courage, etc. Anything your heart desires and whatever you are seeking to achieve should be brought into existence in the form of art, so go ahead and set the tone and atmosphere for the goals you wish to achieve!

Confidence Boosting Art

Have you ever noticed typographic word art with either funny, bold and or inspirational statements? Most likely the answer to that is yes! There’s a reason why this form of decorative art is here to stay and isn’t just some overnight trend. Word art has the power to affect us on a deep and profound level because it utilizes the language we speak, and when you use language in the form of words, you are no longer speaking to the brain, but language through the visual use of words travel deep into the heart. This sparks whichever feelings the wording of such art is seeking to convey and in turn inspires action. As depicted in the image bogd below, seeing such words through art can motivate one to stop being lazy and get up and become active to become a better version of themselves. We here at Canvas Gang enable you to create your own custom word art canvas made out of words, which are a great fit for your home decor or a unique present to uplift, someone!

Colors are an important element when decorating because they can also be used to spark feelings within us to inspire change and action. Therefore, you must pay attention to the colors of the art you choose to display within your humble abode. Choose colors that are known to increase confidence.  For example, the color violet is known to instill a feeling of boldness and intelligence, while black is associated with feelings of sophistication, elegance, and intensity.

Interesting fact, have you ever wondered why fast-food franchises like McDonald’s use the color yellow and red? the color red is known for creating a stimulating response and is associated with being active. It also increases heart rate, which assists in kick-starting your appetite. These colors, therefore, act as a drawing force to compel you towards going to McDonald to spend your money on their food. Now in this instance, this wouldn’t be beneficial for your health and contrary to building a better version of you. But this example is used as a stark contrast to emphasize the point of how colors can initiate actions. So, if McDonald’s can use certain colors to spark a body-mind connection to inspire your actions (for the worst) you can do the exact same but for the better, by selecting colors for your art that inspire positive change and health!

Prints to Fuel Creativity & Imagination

If you want to fuel creativity and imagination then look no further than the colors blue and green which bolster creativity, your intuition, imagination, and fantasies. Pale yellow is also known to tug at the heartstrings and emotions to inspire creativity. Blue and green intrinsically occupy a deep connection within our minds and hearts because they are the predominant colors of our mother earth, and this is a special bond that we all share as one.

Styles known to embody and inspire our imaginations include portrayals of eccentric and fanciful arts, surreal landscapes e.g. the cosmos and stars. Dreams are also the breeding ground for imaginative thinking which can also be tapped into in order to awaken dormant imaginations.

Clear Your Mind with Visuals

If you want to achieve a clean look which in turn resonates a vibration that gives you a calming and clear-headed mind, then shades of white achieve this. The color white can encourage the mind to think of cleanliness, and positivity, it can aid in creating a soothing tone to place you and your visitors at ease bongd by creating an open and inviting energy.  

To achieve further clarity within the art you choose to decorate with, you may want to consider adopting minimalist art with simple shapes and lines. These forms of art are less distracting and embody less clutter. This type of art also helps keep your head clear and can position you into a better mood and vibe!

Art Prints for Productivity

If you would like to achieve greater productivity, then you must give dark orange a chance! Dark orange stimulates our minds, while the color indigo aids in promoting deep focus and self-control. Through using these colors in your art decorations, one can find themselves becoming more efficient, productive and effective when completing a task.

Styles to help you stay on task and in line with the qualities which dark orange encourages, include abstract expressionism, which is the term applied to new forms of computer repairs near me.  Abstract art can stimulate brain activity to aid in those moments when you are in deep concentration trying to solve problems, this makes it a suitable style of choice in an office environment within your home or at work when decorating.

Spark Joy with Art

If you want a spark of joy in your home which energizes your soul and has an uplifting effect on your mood, then you should consider hanging art that uses bright colors like yellow, orange, pink, red as well as warm pastel colors like peach or lilac.

Styles that can put a smile on your face and elevate your spirit also embody such warm colors as described above, and if these colors are utilized in abstract landscape art they can bring positive and joyful energy into your home which will help you become more optimistic and positive in your vibration to become a better you!

So go ahead and share this blog, and set a goal for yourself to become a better you through the colors and styles used in the art you choose to decorate with! You will be surprised at what the power of art will do to change you for the better!

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