Top 3 Strategies Social Sellers can Use to promote Blog Posts to Increase Their reach.


A significant aspect of effective social selling is check now to put your expertise out there. Whatever it is you’re selling, your clients want to be confident that they are working with professionals in their field.

They need to know that you cannot just offer solutions to their issues but also be an experienced and reliable source they can rely on when they have problems that fall within your field of expertise.

However, just writing isn’t enough. You may write and publish some of the top blog posts for your business, But If your target audience doesn’t see them, they’re not doing any good social selling.

You need to be able to market your blog post to get an initial footing.

Top 3 Methods Social Sellers Sell

Neil Patel, a well-known Internet marketing expert, suggests investing as much time in promoting your content as you are making it. But if you don’t have a vast number of followers on social media, it could be challenging to gain your audience’s attention and increase the audience for your content.

But, by adhering to some fundamental blog post promotion guidelines and remaining constant, you can increase the visibility of your content over time.

1. Serve Your Audience

The first and most important thing is to ensure that you’re making information that your readers want to read. What kinds of questions do they have? What kind of questions do your customers usually have to ask you when they start the process of a new one?

Serve Your Audience

If you’re not producing the content people want to read and enjoy, you’ll be unable to achieve the success you’re trying to achieve. A key point to remember is that you should never attempt to market your products, services, or thoughts leadership.

The idea is that you must consider what your target clients need. Are your suggestions helpful? Are they able to address problems? Do you provide readers with suggestions to help them become more efficient, productive, and eventually successful?

The key is not to be a victim of your success. If you’re selling hotdogs, do not try for hot dog sales to someone inquiring about hamburgers. Write about the issues people face, not to promote the solutions you provide.


2. Share Proactively

The most effective method to make sure your content is in the hands of those who will be interested in it is to search them out and then share the content with them. It is better to concentrate on communicating with influential people and those with an impressive social following. They can aid in expanding the reach of your content if they like it and decide to spread the word to their followers.

Some of the steps you can follow to promote your content proactively include:

  • Ensure that brands and individuals know that you have mentioned their names in your blog posts. Tag the influencers with their names.
  • They are sharing the content with business leaders interested in sharing the content of high quality with their followers.
  • Participate in ongoing discussions in which your posts could provide an honest perspective.

You can employ a few tools to determine those who have posted similar content. BuzzSumo allows you to view who has shared the most popular content on social media. This is a fantastic method to find influencers and interested individuals and increase your reach. This type of data BuzzSumo reveals who is influential and which articles and topics are popularly shared. This can help you determine the topics that are most likely to keep people to be interested. The only thing you need to find is the related topic and then share your ideas and point of perspective.

share your content

Another option for finding relevant web-based conversations includes Google Alerts. Google Alerts will monitor conversations and web-based content and notify you whenever that topic is discussed. These alerts are the best way to discover new ways to share your content. Another tool for identifying influential people on specific topics is called Right Relevance. This platform for discovering content offers a tab that lists influencers relevant to your search terms and then evaluates them using scores from 0 to 100. Your second step will be to determine some of them and begin to engage with them, sharing their content, interacting, and then waiting for them to respond.

3. Mixing Automation and manual engagement

It’s crucial to understand that blogging advertising is an endurance race, not an event. Sure, a spike in traffic for popular blog posts is likely to occur within the first few days after the post’s publication. But, the continuous effort to bring the post in front of your readers will pay off and make a significant change in the success of your business.

Automated social posts

Automated social posts that allow you to share your content for a calendar year (or longer) following the time it was first published. One great tool to accomplish this is Missinglettr.

Its AI algorithm automatically analyzes crucial statements from your blog, translates them into pre-packaged social-media-ready messages, and then pushes the messages out over some time in the form of a drip-style social media campaign.


You’ve published your article and conducted your first promotion doesn’t mean it won’t be helpful for months to come. Find ways to share your content with your readers over time, build your following, and get your content seen by as many people as feasible.