Psychotic Gold Pre Workout: Crazy Pumps, Performance, and Gains


If you’re like most, by the time you get to the gym, you’re barely running on half a tank. The workday drains you. Your daily obligations take even more energy. You need to get the next workout in but where are you going to find a boost? Introducing Psychotic pre workout Gold. Does the name look familiar? It should. We’ve taken the foundation of our insanely popular Psychotic and taken it to the next level.

What Is Psychotic Gold?

Psychotic Pre Workout Gold is a half stimulant, half nootropic pre-workout supplement that is perfectly dosed to spike your energy and performance levels. Taken 20 to 30 minutes before your workout, Psychotic Gold uniquely addresses energy on several levels: mental focus, muscle performance, and overall endurance. Jacked up with a number of proven ingredients that are ideal for pre-workout, Psychotic Gold is one hell of a performance accelerator.

Additional Ingredients in the Formula

We covered the stimulants, but Psychotic Gold also contains:

Beta-alanine: who knows how much, we don’t.

L-citrulline malate: Effective at increasing pump around 6 grams per serving…. Severely under-dosed here.

Agmatine sulfate: Another pump ingredient, it may or may not be properly dosed as you only need about 750 mg to feel it.

Oxygold: Aparently, improves ingredient uptake. Not sure, but the yohimbine in there makes me sweat like a MF.

Who Is Psychotic Gold Ideal For?

Sound like a pre-workout you can use during your toughest workouts? Here are just a few ways that Psychotic pre workout Gold can help you finish any workout from Leg Day to kickboxing.


Psychotic Gold takes pumps to the next level as it features a few hard-hitting nitric oxide boosters. Getting in that pump is important, especially if your goal is muscle building. Nitric oxide can help you complete a few more reps than you’re accustomed. That means more time under tension, and the potential for serious growth.


Whether you’re a student or you’re running in the rat race of 9-to-5, everyone needs a boost right around lunch time. Psychotic pre workout Gold, aside from powering your workouts, can help you have a more productive day. It’s packed with nootropic, or brain boosting ingredients, that have been shown to promote alertness while supporting cognitive performance.


Maybe muscle comes second fiddle to being able to toss around big plates. If you want an extra boost to add another 45 to each side of the barbell, Psychotic Gold has your back. It’s packed with performance and strength-supporting ingredients to help you achieve new personal bests on the bench or the rack.

Have You Used Psychotic Gold?

Tell us what you think of it! How would you compare it to its predecessor, Psychotic? Nervous about taking such a potent pre-workout? Tell us about your questions and comments below!