Combination of Traditional Style with Modern Short Kurti for Women


In this world where people are wearing anything in the name of fashion, few people still look gorgeous with the combination of traditional and modern dressing styles. In Indian fashion, a short kurti for women is one of the popular choices among different age groups of women. In this article, we will mainly learn about the several aspects of short kurtis and pant-top sets and how they are becoming popular in this modern world where people need unique clothes to be in the fashion world. 

Why Short Kurtis and Pant-Top Sets Became Popular? 

Following are a few reasons why women of this generation are becoming more comfortable in wearing short kurtas and pant-top sets:

  1. Versatile and Style

Versatility is one of the main reasons behind the popularity of short kurtis and a pant-top set for women. It is a complete fusion of contemporary and traditional fashion elements that make it ideal for various occasions irrespective of the festival. Women can wear these outfits for a casual outing, a festive celebration, or even in the workplace these outfits can be easily changed according to their needs and they can also be styled to suit the setting that will ensure that you are looking gorgeous. 

  1. Comfort with Fashion

We are living in a fast-paced world where people want to work as quickly as they can and her priority is the comfort of the dress. A person wearing a comfortable dress can work more quickly than a person wearing an uncomfortable dress because she will keep on setting her dress instead of focusing on work. In the market, you will find very few options that are easy to wear and beautiful by look but these short kurtis and pant-top sets are one of the main examples of this combination. Kurti is unique clothes that offer a breezy, relaxed fit and when a woman wears it with comfortable leggings or pants it looks different as it creates a stylish look that can be worn by them throughout the day without being uncomfortable. 

The beauty of Pant-Top Sets and Kurtis

The beauty of short kurtis depends on the following things:

  1. Cuts and Length

When it comes to choosing short kurtis they have a wide range of choices from mid-thigh to knee-length. Women are allowed to select any style that can complement their body type and have few personal preferences. Another feature you will find in kurtis are several types of cuts like straight-cut, A-line, Anarkali, and many other options available to them from which they can select any dress according to their need. 

  1. Unique Prints and Embellishments

When you will look at multiple short kurtis you will get to know about the embroidery work, mirror work, and sequins that will make it unique from traditional style. These designs can also be found on sleeves, hem, and necklines that can add a unique touch of elegance to the outfit. In a few kurtis, you may find vibrant prints and patterns that will make it even more beautiful and elegant. 


Pant-top sets and kurtis are some of the most popular dresses in Indian culture who are searching for a modern dressing style. Women should select their clothing style in a much better way and look unique in the crowd irrespective of any occasion.