Exploring the Impact of Neglected Stormwater Systems in rainy cities like Seattle

Stormwater Systems

In busy urban areas, such as Seattle, stormwater systems can easily get clogged because of dirt, debris, dust, and trash. This might go unnoticed if the weather is dry for a long time, or if it hasn’t rained heavily for a long time. But in case of storms, this negligence in cleaning causes a great threat to society. Let’s see why cleaning stormwater systems should be one of the top priority tasks in your local government’s list.

Risk of flooding

There is a high chance of the neighborhood being flooded due to a clogged drainage system. If a flood occurs, the water will inevitably enter the surrounding houses, halls, and markets, causing damage to their furniture and belongings. The water may pool the streets making it difficult for people to reach their destinations or seek shelter from the storm.

Water Quality Degradation

Stormwater may collect different pollutants from roads, pavements, etc. that later on run into nearby lakes and waterbodies disrupting their ecological life. Also, if the water reaches industrial zones or marketplaces where oil, chemical, and other harmful substances can get mixed into it, it becomes a serious threat to the environment.

Health concerns

If polluted water enters houses, it can raise numerous health issues. The consequences may not be readily noticeable. But in a few days after the water is cleaned, nearby hospitals will receive numerous health cases that arise due to exposure to filthy water, that maybe carry different chemicals or may even have sewerage water mixed with it.

Cleaning nuisance

It is extremely trivial to clean a clogged stormwater drain during a storm. Administration may want to avoid flooding by cleaning neglected drainage during the storm, but it poses a great threat to the workers and the staff working out in the open. Heavy rain can be a problem for clear sight of the structure. Also, if the process is carried out is night, it becomes difficult to see through the rain and the dark even in the presence of flashlights.

Financial impact

If flood water causes damage to your house, its property value decreases a lot. While selling it, the buyer will not only point out the fact that the infrastructure has been compromised by the flood but will also question the drainage system of the area. Storms are not uncommon in Seattle and its surroundings and if one storm can cause such damage, who can guarantee that the concerned management will be vigilant next time? So local companies, such as stormwater system cleaning seattle wa can be a great option for help.


Stormwater drainage can be located on roads, but many times, homeowners also play a part in owning the drainage as it is connected to the normal water drainage system. Make sure to keep your section of the water outlets clean and well-checked. Hire professional cleaners to clean it for you if it requires expert help. Also, it is the responsibility of the local government as well to make sure that all tracks are cleaned before the storm strikes.