The Complete Guide on Does Viscose Shrink?


Viscose is a type of rayon fabric that drapes like silk but has the delicate feel of cotton. Due to its wide use in modern textiles and materials as well as its low cost of production, it’s important to know how to care for it and to know, does viscose shrink when you wash it.

What is Viscose? 

Viscose is a synthetic fiber made from natural materials and is the most common variety of rayon. It’s one of the three types of rayon: modal, lyocell, and viscose.

It is a rayon fabric that has a soft cotton feel and drapes like silk, making it ideal for making light clothing. But does viscose shrink easily? 

Does Viscose Shrink? 

Knowing “does viscose shrink?” is important if you plan to wash or dry it. It certainly does. Viscose is a delicate fabric that needs special care because it might shrink and wrinkle easily. The fibers will be cut shorter, shrink, and wrinkle as a result of the heat and motion of the washing machine.

We advise you to wash, dry, and iron your clothing with great care to reduce the risk of distortion, pilling, and shrinkage.

Does Viscose Shrink in the Washing Machine?

Unfortunately, viscose may shrink in the washing machine if it is not properly laundered. It needs to be washed carefully because the combination of hot water and machine agitation could be risky.

To prevent this, set a special wash cycle just for delicate clothing. To do this, make sure the water in the machine is cold, and then set the cycle to delicate wash at a slow speed. In order to get the most out of your clothing with each wash, you must also be sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

Does Viscose Shrink When Hand-Washed?

The good news is that when viscose is hand washed in cold water, it does not shrink.

Then, hang dry them to prevent shrinkage caused by excessive heat.

How Often Should You Wash Viscose?

Depending on your choice, you can hand wash it whenever it gets dirty or after each usage.

However, if you decide to use a washing machine, put your clothing in a mesh bag, wash in cold water, select the gentle cycle, and spin the machine at the lowest speed.

Does Viscose Shrink in the Dryer?

Heat and motion are the leading causes of fabric shrinking. The worst way for drying viscose clothing is to tumble dry it with heat because of the reasons that cause it to easily shrink. 

Put viscose in the dryer only if you’re using a no-heat tumble cycle if you’re doing at-home dry cleaning. The clothing should be laid on a towel in its natural position and allowed to air dry. 

Viscose is a fun, versatile fabric that can brighten your wardrobe. Viscose clothes are going to shrink and wrinkle if you don’t wash them properly. It’s very important to check the labels before embarking on washing them!