The Top 8 Advantages of Using Java in Mobile App Development

benefits of using java for mobile app development

The mobile application development industry is rapidly growing. The global mobile application market was valued at $106.27 billion in 2018 and is predicted to grow to $407.31 billion by 2026, with a CAGR of 18.4 percent from 2019 to 2026. There is a diverse set of languages, systems, SDKs, and tools available for mobile app development. Java software development services are now widely regarded as the most popular and efficient programming language for Android app development.

Let us understand what is Java

Java is a well-known programming language. Java is installed on over 3 billion computers across the globe. It is used in the development of mobile apps (particularly Android apps), web applications, web servers, application servers, game development, and database association. Nowadays, Java is the most popular platform for developing high-performance mobile applications. ReactJS is a popular choice for building web applications because it provides a simple interface for creating user interfaces. Take this React Course to know more about React JS and get skilled.

Why should you design mobile applications in Java?

The Java programming language is used to create Android applications, among other things. Sun Microsystems designed it and it was initially released in 1995. It has been in the race for programming languages since then and is a popular choice among developers.

Oracle estimates that there are more than 9 million Java developers worldwide (at this time of publication). Take a look at some of the facts listed below:

  • According to Stack Overflow’s poll, Java is one of the top five most extensively used programming languages in the world.
  • Furthermore, in terms of job postings, Java is currently the third most popular language.

This technology has been used by many java software development services providers to create server apps for the financial industry, online and enterprise applications, embedded devices, mobile applications, scientific applications, and other applications.

The Top Benefits of Java Mobile App Development

1. Object Oriented Programming (OOPS)

Java is an excellent programming language for creating Android applications. Java is not only a high-level and open-source programming language, but it also allows object-oriented programming (OOPS). The OOPS programming style allows programmers to design modular code that may be reused across multiple programs. It gives you a lot of sample code to help you create your own app. A well-reputed java development company can use this coding strategy to create modular projects, making it easy to reuse code in other applications.

2. Platform Independence and Compatibility

Because Java is a platform-independent programming language for many operating systems, it is responsible for developing perfect Android apps for a large portion of the developer community. Because of its independence, Java app development has grown in popularity as a mobile application development platform since 1990. And other elements have recently made it a highly valued technology.

A platform-independent feature is uncommon in other developing languages. Thus, because Java app development has paved the way for numerous new technologies, it has truly lived up to the phrase “Write Once, Run Anywhere.”

3. Absence of Security Risks

Although you may have heard that Java is a secure programming language, this is only partially true. The Java programming language does not preclude security vulnerabilities by default, however several of its features can assist you in avoiding common security difficulties.

Consider the following examples:

  • For starters, Java lacks pointers, a means of referencing memory locations that can allow illegal access to memory.
  • Second, Java includes a Security Manager that allows you to define access rules for specific applications. This sandboxing protects the user from damage.

4. Simple to Understand

The key argument for choosing a java development company for services is the high learning curve for creating mobile applications. It is tough to get this programming language productive in a short amount of time in the case of most professional programs.

Java, like Basic English, contains recognisable English punctuation with mediocre characters. Angle brackets, for example, make coding easier to read and understand in generics. Furthermore, getting started with Java is free; you won’t have to invest any money to create Java-based mobile apps. You may construct Java android apps at the lowest possible cost by outsourcing mobile app development.

5. Robust Java Development Tools

Java app development is also complimented by some outstanding programming tools, making it much easier for you to create an application that properly meets your demands. Java developers can benefit greatly from powerful tools when dealing with the Java language. It is simple to do with the help of a variety of popular programming tools, such as Eclipse, NetBeans, and many more. Furthermore, the powerful tool sets in the Javascript IDE provide you with various methods to affect your debugging experience when designing mobile apps.

6. Developers’ Community Support

Android developers can learn the basics of this programming language from other developers in their community and are eager to expand their network. Its helpful developer community gives thoughts and statistics to assist newcomers to improve their Java app development skills. In fact, whether you need assistance fixing an issue or having a chat on the same topic, the group of qualified and experienced developers is always delighted to hear from you.

7. The Enterprise Application Standard

A programmer’s most valuable asset is enterprise apps. This is mostly owing to the Java programming language, which has been used in the workplace since the 1990s.

The following are some of the reasons why these corporate applications are its most valuable asset:

  • The numerous libraries – or “building blocks” – available to programmers and developers are one of the most valuable characteristics of Java. These tools assist software companies in developing any application they require.
  • Second, because of the vast range of platforms it supports, Java can be implemented on the majority of web hosting companies.
  • Third, because you don’t have to buy certain hardware specs or reinvent the wheel when building your own software, Java is less expensive to maintain.

8. User-Friendly Apps

Java software is intended to be user-friendly and the language is updated on a regular basis to provide programmers with the best navigation and design experience possible. Furthermore, code reuse allows developers to create new apps faster by reusing code that has already been shown to work.


That concludes the benefits of the Java programming language. The main line is that whether you want to build an Android app or a web app, Java is unquestionably the better option. There is no other programming language that provides the ease of development and platform simplicity as Java does. You may work with the top java development company to create mobile apps that are secure, resilient, and feature-rich.