What is a Dakimakura? An Introduction to the World of Japanese Hugging Pillows


If you’ve ever heard of “hugging pillows” from Japan and wondered what they are, then this blog article is for you. We’ll explore the history and present-day use of dakimakura and discuss why these plushy pillows have become a phenomenon in Japan. Get ready to learn about one of the most popular trends in Japanese culture!

Introduction to Dakimakura

A dakimakura is a type of large pillow from Japan that is often used as a body pillow by people who enjoy hugging or sleeping with them. The word “dakimakura” comes from the Japanese words for “to hug” (daku) and “pillow” (makura).

Dakimakura are usually printed on both sides with different designs, typically anime or manga characters, and are often sold with removable zippered covers that can be easily washed. Some dakimakura even come equipped with an internal heating element to provide extra warmth and comfort.

Whether you’re looking for a cuddly companion to help you sleep at night or just want a unique piece of anime merchandise to add to your collection, dakimakura are definitely worth checking out!

History of Dakimakura

The first dakimakura were created in Japan in the late 1990s. They were originally designed as a body pillow for pregnant women, to help them sleep comfortably on their side. The word dakimakura comes from the Japanese words for “hug” and “pillow”.

Dakimakura quickly became popular among anime and manga fans, who began using them as body pillows for their favorite characters. This led to the creation of many character-themed dakimakura, featuring popular characters from anime, manga, video games, and other media.

Today, dakimakura are widely available online and in Japanese stores. They remain popular among anime and manga fans, as well as anyone who enjoys hugging a soft, cuddly pillow.

Types of Dakimakura

There are two main types of dakimakura: the body pillow and the mini pillow. Body pillows are the most common type of dakimakura. They are large, usually around four feet long, and can be used as a regular bed pillow. Mini pillows are smaller, usually around two feet long, and are designed to be hugged.

Body pillows are typically made from a cotton-polyester blend, with a polyester filling. The cover is often removable and can be machine washed. Mini pillows are usually made from a soft plush material, with a polyester filling. They often have a removable cover as well, but they cannot be machine washed.

Dakimakura come in many different designs. Some feature anime or video game characters, while others feature real people or animals. There are also dakimakura that simply have an attractive design or pattern.

Design and Variations of Dakimakura

Dakimakura are Japanese body pillows that are often used by people in order to sleep comfortably or to display affection for another person. They are usually made from a soft material such as cotton or polyester, and they can vary in size, design, and color.

One of the most popular designs for dakimakura is the anime character pillow, which features a cute or handsome character from a Japanese anime or video game. These pillows are often collected by fans of the respective series, and they can be found in a variety of different stores both online and offline.

Another popular type of dakimakura is the waifu pillow, which is a pillow that typically features an attractive female character. These pillows are often used by otaku (Japanese term for people with obsessive interests) as a way to express their love for a particular character, and they are also commonly given as gifts to others.

There are also many other types of dakimakura available, such as those that feature characters from western media (e.g. Disney), those that are simply designed for comfort, and even those that have built-in speakers so you can listen to music while you sleep! Whatever your needs may be, there’s sure to be a dakimakura out there that’s perfect for you.

Uses for Dakimakura

Dakimakura are popular among anime and manga fans, and can be used as decorations, body pillows, or simply to cuddle with. They are often printed with anime or video game characters on them, and sometimes with suggestive messages or images. Some people use them for cosplay, or to show their support for a particular character or series. Dakimakura can also be given as gifts, and are often traded among fans.

Where to Buy a Dakimakura

There are a few ways to buy a Dakimakura. The most popular way is through an online retailer such as Amazon or eBay. There are also many Japanese retailers that sell Dakimakura, but they may be more expensive.

If you’re looking for a specific design, it’s best to search on sites like Amazon or eBay, where you can find a wide variety of designs. However, if you’re just looking for a general idea of what’s available, Japanese retailers are a great option.

When buying from an online retailer, make sure to read the reviews before purchasing. This will help you make sure you’re getting a quality product. Also, be sure to check the size chart to make sure you’re ordering the correct size pillow for your body type.

Finally, when choosing a design, keep in mind that some designs are only available in certain sizes. So if you have your heart set on a particular design, be sure to check the size availability before ordering.

Caring for Your Dakimakura

dakimakura are Japanese hugging pillows that are often used as body pillows. They are usually made of a soft, plush material and can be found in a variety of sizes, shapes, and designs. When purchasing a Dakimakura, it is important to consider the care instructions to ensure that your pillow stays in good condition. Here are some tips for caring for your Dakimakura:

– Avoid washing your Dakimakura in hot water or using harsh detergents, as this can damage the fabric. Instead, wash it in cold water with a mild detergent.

– Do not put your Dakimakura in the dryer; air dry it instead.

– If your Dakimakura has a removable cover, you can machine wash the cover on its own.

– Store your Dakimakura in a cool, dry place when not in use.

Alternatives to a Dakimakura

There are many alternatives to a dakimakura, but they all share the common goal of providing comfort and support. Some of the most popular alternatives include:

-Body pillows: These are similar to dakimakura in that they are long and can be hugged, but they are typically smaller and less expensive.

-Stuffed animals: Stuffed animals can provide the same level of comfort as a dakimakura, but they may not be as durable.

-Blankets: Blankets can be used in a variety of ways to provide comfort and support, making them a versatile option.

-Pillow cases: Pillow cases can be used to cover existing pillows or to create new ones. They typically have designs on them, which makes them a popular choice for decorating bedrooms.


We hope this article has provided you with a better understanding of what a dakimakura is and how it can be used as an outlet for personal expression. Whether you’re looking to add some unique decor to your room or seeking comfort in the arms of a beloved character, these hugging pillows provide both form and function. With so many options available, there’s sure to be something that fits your personality perfectly. Get ready for some cuddly fun – the world of dakimakura awaits!